Friday, November 26, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dentist = Breakdown

I'm sure there are some people out there that're very familiar with this equation for other reasons but I hadn't experienced it until today. Here's the story:
Went to the bank to finally deposit the 2 paychecks that I've already lost twice. After the bank I made it to my dentist appointment. The one I scheduled all by myself and was 15 minutes early for (who am I?). But things went quickly south when the results came in from Dr. J. A root canal and 2 crowns. WTF, mates? I know I haven't been in awhile but do I have scurvy or something?
Then the front desk lady wrinkled her nose at my out of state cell number. Then she wrinkled her face at my company name. "I haven't heard of that before." Of course the no street address thing was a problem. I started hearing foreign languages as she described the process of getting a referral for the root canal. Something about going somewhere else by China Sea Buffet (food?! I know that!) and then coming back for the crowns while in the meantime holding on to my own x-rays. Flags were raising in my brain. Bells and whistles were going off. 'Do NOT let that woman give you a small envelope of something important' is what my brain was saying. Nodding and smiling is what my face was doing. Then came the insurance mess.
Did you know that a medical card is not a dental card is not a prescription card is not a vision card? But where is the treasure chest for getting myself to the dentist? Things... not. making. sense. Did someone say Chinese food?
My flight instinct wins out over that "figure it out" one every time. Unfortunately, the dentist shares a parking lot with a care home and two taxis loading old folks with wheelchairs in the rain and ice were blocking my exit. I won't go into details but it wasn't pretty. Just don't honk at me when I'm feeling stupid.
Couldn't get this chart out of my head after that.

The post is called "Why I'll Never Be an Adult" from the blog Hyperbole and a Half (their are people out there whose blogs are followed by more than their mother?). While there are many more reasons while I'll never be an adult, I'm sure that a dentist appointment causing the phrase "I can't do this" to be stuck in my head on repeat for an hour is one of them.

I just wanted to get my damn teeth cleaned but that didn't even happen. DebDeb so confused...SYSTEM FAILURE.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


You can't always get what you want

But sometimes, you get what you need. Kidding about being bitter. How could I be? Happy Sunday, Friends.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Population: 1

Abandoned dwelling in my 'hood. Ms. Havisham has left the building.
My Friday night activities consisted of checking the pump house to make sure the light bulb is still on, thus making the insulated little shed warm enough for the water pump to keep working. All good there. Checked the level of the holding tank and had a few moments of dread when the dipstick slammed into something solid, making me think I got a tank full of frozen shitwater and no way to get rid of it. Once I finally got enough light down the tube I found an obstruction in the pipe. Searched the property for something I'd be willing to sacrifice (raw sewage and all) to push it back and found nothing. Finally was able to angle the dipstick past the protruding piece of metal with numb fingertips in 9 degrees and discovered I was worried about nothing. Except that's where I got into trouble over the summer, got a little too comfortable after that first dipstick. Insert proof of emergency pumping picture here:
Then walked the dogs to the river and watched the ice flow by for a bit. Got home with a frozen ass which seems to lack a blood supply but continues to grow. Quite the mystery, yet now I find myself parked in front of the tubes with a can of whipped cream and a tall, hot buttered rum. Mystery solved. It's a nonstop party here, let me tell you. Is 8 o'clock too early to go to bed?

Sunday, November 14, 2010


A late Sunday morning walk in my quiet neighborhood.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Heavy Equipment

After getting home from Anchorage on Sunday I stopped by the Roper's and got a lesson on using the snow blower. They were so cute, they made sure to get a picture of my "first time" and this was already in my work inbox this morning. I'm so lucky to continually find such good people around me. But I won't be so lucky if we keep getting snow like we have been over the last 24 hrs with this driveway as my responsibility for the next 3 wks.. I took two passes at it with this sucker, shoveled a little and woke up with arms like noodles. I'm starting to see why women get married.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


What I've been reading:
It's a fictional account of women in biblical times told through the eyes of the character, Dinah. Apparently some people are all fired up about it because of ridiculous religous notions but it's much less about any story from the bible and much more about sisterhood and the hardships inherent to being a woman. You men out there should really still give it a shot, you might learn something.

What I've been listening to:

Can't get enough, actually. See what you think.

And what I've been learning:
I went to a class in Anchorage this weekend about young children with hearing loss whose families had decided to go the route of cochlear implantation. The presenter was from a school in Bay Area but the scool has sites in many states. Their goals as stated on their website are: teaching deaf children to listen, think and talk through intensive speech/language therapy and the development of listening skills." Here's their site if you're interested but mostly I'm happy to have attended a useful continuing education class that will really help me with a few of my students and to adapt best practices in this area. The school offers training camps (for free!!) which I will most definitely be applying to. I'll take any additional knowledge that could help me.

So I also learned to use a snow blower today but that can wait for another time. Good night. It's only quarter to 8 but with the time change and darkness, it feels like 11 already.