Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fuller Lakes Trail

Last summer my obsession was fishing. This summer I seem to be turning more towards hiking and have decided to share the trails I tackle on my blog. I recently joined up with the Kenai Peninsula Outdoor Club after finding their card in a coffee shop. This is a great group of people of all interests and skill levels that keep updated through a Meet Up website. Fuller Lakes Trail is the first outing I did with them.
This is a 2.9 mile hike one way with a 1440 ft. elevation gain. It was wet and muddy the day we went. We only went to the lower lake at mile 2 but that was still 1300 ft in elevation gain.
This is a nice hike but has been my least favorite so far this summer. The trail moves through vegetation and tree cover and you don't see much diversity in surroundings or get many good views. I just felt it was somewhat visually boring. This could have been due to the time of year (1st week in June) and the lack of wild flowers and berries. The lower lake was a nice resting and picnic spot. One member of the party opted to stay to fish for Arctic Grayling and camp out for the night.
The upper lake (1 mile from the lower) is said to be a good spot for Dolly Varden Trout and views of the Kenai Moutains. Maybe next time. Remember when looking at these pictures that is was a rainy and kinda gray day.

Mud on a flat trail is fine but at the steep parts it gets a little iffy. Thankful for my manly hiking boots.

The view from a break in the trees (finally). Skilak Lake in the background.
My regular hiking partners.
Misty Mountain hop

Portrait of a Lady

My favorite student art ever.

Apparently this is what I look like to a preschooler. When his teacher gave it to me, she said,"Hey, at least they're high and perky."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy Bee


Best part of the day! The "widgin." My adult Peter Pan hideaway fantasy come true.

Imagine the rowdy pirate parties.
The hike. The two streaks in the water are otters.
Beach Treasures
Beautiful table where we ate a delicious lunch feast. Still would have preferred the pirate table.

I have 10 minutes before work and have promised myself I would get something new up here. I've been very busy with summer and apologize for my negligence. We have about 22 hours of daylight right now and with a job (ok, partime job), dogs, flowers, guests, friends, etc, I'm burning them all.
My friend Jade was here to visit and started me out on a summer of local trail hiking. I'm going to post more about her visit and the trails later (I swear!) but for now, I started the story of Tutka Bay a long time ago and should follow up.
So... the city of Homer has an annual Shorebird Festival. One of the outings available through the festival was a Cooking Adventure. I'm all for anything related to food so I signed up. We took a water taxi out to Tutka Bay were there is a beautiful lodge. The owner is a very successful chef and was offering a short cooking class, a prepared lunch and a group hike. It was a beautiful day with great company. Not sure how many times I've said this but one of the things I love about Alaska is that I meet the most adventurous, accomplished women here. Here are some pictures of our day...
HA! Just kidding. The pictures are not loaded to my profile so I'll have to go searching for them later. Just one of the reasons this blog has become a little neglected.
To be continued.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What would you do if I sang out of tune?

Lately, I have not been inspired to do this blog thing. My reader (singular) tells me it's time to post new material so I'll give an update.
I've accepted a job in Monterey, Ca beginning August 8. I have many mixed emotions about this which could be a contributing factor for this writer's block.
Alaska has been my home for 2 years and my friends here have become family. The thought of leaving is hard. On the other hand, it will be unbelievably nice to be close to my immediate family again.
Everyone tells me that Alaska gets in your blood. That once you've lived here, you'll always come back. I believe that to be true and there's already the option to come back next summer and pet sit for theses same labs. But, life has a crazy way of throwing out twists and turns and sometimes it's near impossible to get back to that one sweet spot. Lucky for me it always seems to work out, thanks to the friends who find me along the way.
Anyhow, turns out I'll be making the drive down the ALCAN because the job starts much earlier than anticipated and the ferry is no longer an option. Although everyone and their mother seems to be overly concerned about this, I don't mind. It's going to be long and boring but with a pace set that many people would not want to endure. You can help me out by giving me music and audiobook suggestions. 10-12 hours a day in the car leaves a lot of time for sing alongs.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

I'm back at my favorite house with my favorite boys for the summer. Two weeks ago we took a walk along the river and found some treasures.

What remained of the ice

and what was left in it's retreat. My guys sharing a moose leg

Until Keetah found his own.

And Sabaka found something fishier. The riverbank was covered with various moose parts and fish carcasses. Today, they and the ice are washed away.