Saturday, May 29, 2010


No, I am not going to talk about Obama. Around here you just stay as far away from politics as possible.
I'm going camping near the town of Hope. Got my dogs and a bunch of friends with all the stuff I'm lacking. I did buy a doggie backpack so they can take turns carrying their own food. I'll be back with pictures on Monday. In the meantime, I sliced my finger while washing a butcher knife last night and I've heard that women aren't supposed to go camping at certain times of the month so I'm really hoping I don't become a bear magnet. A bunch of soldier types with weapons should keep me safe enough. I just really hope the dogs are ok. No way to find our but to do it. I hope you'll be reading a new post about Hope by Tuesday at the latest.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

So Long, Roger

Goodbye, my little moneypit

The bank decided that even though they'd like to finance me for a huge home loan that I can't really afford, they don't want to give me an unsecured loan to make repairs on a home that I can afford. Whatever. I kinda feel like I just got out of a relationship and can breath easier. Unrestricted. Now that I don't have to save my money for the house, I think I'm going to buy some backpacking equipment.
I move into new digs on Monday. A co-worker and her husband will be gone for 6 weeks and I'll be house sitting. Their house is the perfect size and their dogs are adorable. 2 black labs that'll be my main men for awhile. All I have to do now is pack.

Updates on a few other things:
Getting my veggie box is still like Christmas. So far I've had to figure out what mizuna is, made a rhubarb pie and experienced Ataulfo mangoes.
Arugula,Mizuna salad with grapefruit, radish and a lime vinaigrette. Forgot to take a picture of the pie before I ate it. Which is how I've gained 15 pounds. More on that phenomenon later.

And not buying products made in China has been easy, simply because I don't buy anything. I did buy a shirt but when I got it home and actually put it on, I realized it was not only butt ugly but a product of China as well. Took it back immediately. More for the sin of poofy, angle cut sleeves, I'll admit. It would be a much harder endeavor if I was actually trying to supply a real household. Seems like every product out there has that little "Made in China" sticker.

Had another job interview yesterday. Part-time fill in work for a private therapy company. I had a killer migraine and was trying not to ralph the whole time but I feel like I could really learn a lot from the owner and her team. I'm going to see how it works out. I'm getting very concerned about the impact all this working will have on my summertime activities.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Halibut Cove

I have a crush.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I apologize for my pissy-ness last night. I'm lucky to have so many friends that I can't even find enough time to call them all.
I promise to post pictures from Halibut Cove soon but tonight I have another get together thingy (go ahead, freak out. He's totally a murderer perv rapist, just like all the rest!) AND I have to get my medicaid billing done for the year. Good thing it's light 'til 11pm.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


#1- Just because I feel ok (not great, just ok) about using the word "date" does not mean one bit more than that.
#2- The inspection did finally happen today. I love you all but I really can't abide saying the same thing 11 times so here it is. I do still want all of your opinions and advice, just maybe not in a long phone call format. I'm in a mood, I'm sorry.

The roof has issues, needs steroids and some metal. Much like my spine.
The inside is hideous but can be covered. The walls with drywall, the floor maybe with Gypcrete and some tile.
Insulation is a must. The attic space is at about R-11 and should be about R-45 and the crawl space has nothing. Roger dear, how did you survive?
Cabinetry is a lost cause. Like it would make me feel good to take a sledge hammer to it.
At least 3 new windows.
A new water heater.
Foundation is inventive but solid.
All this really starts to add up so I've talked to the old Stagecoach about a personal loan. Options folks, gotta explore the options.

I can tackle it, learn a lot, curse, cry and beat up inanimate objects or I can forget it and be safe. I'm not really sure. Figured I'd have a strong drink, a hot shower and a fitful night of sleep before I even pretend to think clearly. BTW, whiskey and cola tastes a lot like bad decisions. Well, that and whitewater rafting trips where I almost die.

I had a great day yesterday and will post about my field trip soon. I really do have the best job in the universe.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

All I Need Is Just a Little Patience

The inspection was rescheduled again because the electric company hadn't been out to turn on the power yet. The population of the entire peninsula is about 60,000 people. What in the hell could they be so damn busy with? I'll be on a field trip to Halibut Cove until 6pm Monday so the soonest we could get it done is Tuesday.
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Come On Already!

Inspection tomorrow, FINALLY! I took my jack-of-all-trades friend out to the house yesterday. We entered through the unlocked front window and he helped me to look logically at a few things. It will be a huge project and though I want to say I'm up for it, I have to consider a lot of angles. I did find a bunch of receipts that Roger (my new roomate) had kept from the installation of the well and such so that was comforting. Still not making any decisions until after the inspection.
Date this weekend. I've had a lot of platonic get togethers lately and I never use the term "date" but somehow, this one is a little different.
Not sleeping a whole lot lately but with all the sunlight and the house and mens on my mind, I guess it's no wonder.
I'll keep you posted on the inspection. Posted. Ha.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Responsibility, Caution, Planning

Some of you are wondering if you're on the right blog. It's true, these are things I've never been fond of or remotely good at. But, when making a large purchase (like a crackhouse) it's best to at least try. Or so I've heard.
So, the inspection appointment is made. I'm so nervous! I mean, I can tell it's a hovel but is it a complete disaster? If it's just a small scale disaster with some redeeming qualitites, I think we'll make a good pair.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Five Star

I had a dream last night that I stayed at a fancy hotel and instead of plush robes, they provided Xtra Tuffs. I got to keep them when I checked out, no Xtra charge. Now that would be Alaskan luxury.