Sunday, August 14, 2011


Ok, there are many things I didn't post on in the past month and to be honest, the future of this blog is hanging by a thread. But, I'll try to give it some attention for now. Where did we leave off? The brother came to AK, the parents came to AK, everyone had a great time and caught some fish. I had a magical summer and then it was time to say goodbye to AK and AK friends. That was rough.
Then I drove about 3,500 miles by myself in only 5 driving days. My ass may never recover. Here are the only photos I took. Next post: 100 reasons why my new place is awesome.
My friend, Blackbear. Somewhere in British Columbia.

Cousin dubbed this the "Rape Inn" when he saw the photo. Slept in my car and just used the shower house. No locking door and a black widow on the pipe. That's lodging in The Yukon.

Pioneer Plaza in Portland. Apparently, I could've driven to Times Square instead.

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